4th MedWater status meeting in Berlin

On July 18-19, 2019, the MedWater partners came together in Berlin to present the status of the individual work packages and to discuss the next steps. In addition to the German partners, several  international collaborators attended the two-day workshop: Dr. Yakov Livshitz from the Hydrological Service Israel and Dr. Yossi Guttman from Mekorot in Israel, as well as Professor Pantaleone De Vita and Delia Cusano from the University of Napoli and Dr. Edoardo Bucchignani from the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change in Italy.

The first day was reserved for attendees to give an update on their work, and for international partners to provide more information on the study area and transfer locations. Also discussed were ideas about project dissemination. On the second day, participants split up to attend workshops on the definition of scenarios and indicators and the transfer of study results to other locations.

To conclude the meeting, the participants agreed on a timeline for project documentation and discussed potential topics for publications. The 5th status meeting will take place in early 2020.