Modeling Approaches

A key objective of Medwater is the development of tools for the sustainable management of groundwater, using the Western Mountain Aquifer in Israel and the Palestinian territories as a case study. To meet this objective, the project partners use various approaches that all build upon each other.

Recharge estimation

An aquifer’s groundwater recharge rate can be determined using various methods. Three approaches are being investigated in the MedWater project: Hydro-pedotransfer functions, SWAT models, and neural networks. The results will be used as input to a groundwater model for the Western Mountain Aquifer.

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Single-continuum model

A simple numerical groundwater model is being developed to calculate future groundwater conditions under different scenarios for the Decision Support System. This model will be set up using a stochastic approach, informed by a study of the aquifer’s development, to alleviate data-scarcity issues.

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Multi-continuum model

A multi-continuum model of subsurface and surface flows is being developed to investigate groundwater flow and infiltration dynamics. This model accounts for the dual flow dynamics of karst aquifers, the entry of surface streams into the sub-surface along karst features, and variably-saturated flow through a several hundred meters thick unsaturated zone.

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The aim of this sub-project is to define rules for the ideal management of the Wester Mountain Aquifer. This optimization process takes into account various factors that often stand in conflict with each other. This method will provide management suggestions for different scenarios.

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Ecosystem services & virtual water flows

An eco-hydrological SWAT model is used to quantify the effects of water use on local ecosystem services under different scenarios. In addition, several regional SWAT models are developed for watersheds in the USA, Brazil, and the Ukraine to account for virtual water flows to Israel and the resulting impacts on global ecosystem services.

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Decision Support System

The main product of the project is a web-based Decision Support System. Based on the developed MODFLOW model, it will assist with management suggestions for the Western Mountain Aquifer. The application helps with more efficient water use and conservation of existing resources. It is developed and tested in cooperation with local stakeholders.

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