Study Sites

The primary study site of the MedWater project is the Western Mountain Aquifer (a.k.a. the Yarkon-Taninim Aquifer) in Israel and the Palestinian territories. A number of additional locations in the Mediterranean have been identified to enable the transfer of findings from the Western Mountain Aquifer to comparable catchments, and vice-versa. These include the Capodifume catchment in southern Italy and the Lez catchment in France.

Findings from the Western Mountain Aquifer and the Capodifume and Lez catchments will be applicable to similar regions worldwide. Regions with climates comparable to the Mediterranean include California, south-western South Africa, the central coastal region of Chile, as well as parts of West and South Australia and Central Asia. MedWater will enable the transfer of complex groundwater models to other regions using local indicators and globally available remote sensing data. With this approach, unique adaption strategies can be derived for each transfer region.